Lovibond Colour Measurement Instruments

Lovibond colour measurement instrument is a tool for calculating physical qualities. Estimation is the process of gathering and comparing physical quantities of real goods and events for use in physical sciences, quality assurance, and construction.

Lovibond Water Testing Equipments

Lovibond water testing equipments are used by scientists, engineers, and other individuals to carry out their calculations. These tools can range from simple items like stopwatches and rulers to electron magnifying glasses and molecules-quickening agents. The tools are widely used to enhance the capabilities of the present estimating tools.

Elga Water Purification Systems

Elga water purification systems are the best method for removing undesirable artificial chemicals, contaminates from nature, suspended gases, and sediments from water. These products meet the requirements of medical, pharmacological, pharmaceutical, and contemporary applications. Elga water purification systems are highly efficient.

SOCOREX Precision Liquid Volumetry

Socorex precision liquid volumetry is a volumetric fluid filling machine is precision built with a sturdy welded steel frame that is completely encased in treated steel sheet. Entryways are provided to facilitate machine maintenance. It works by applying the volumetric rule.

Laboratory Viscometers

Laboratory viscometers are tools for calculating the viscosity of gases or liquids. Viscosity, which is defined as a fluid's resistance to flowing, is a crucial physical characteristic that affects how fluids behave in a variety of settings, including the industrial, food processing, and petroleum industries.


Rheometers are widely used in disciplines including materials science, engineering, chemistry, and biology. These are a piece of equipment used in science to gauge a substance's rheological characteristics, including viscosity, elasticity, and flow characteristics.



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